Celcom Tower - Malaysia
Celcom is the largest telecom operator in Malaysia. Celcom Tower height is about 148 meters. This project uses MF Video Tube - D6, About 2000㎡. Video Tube - D6  is light in weight and high in transparency, and has been widely used in various outdoor billboards. The project uses 2 groups of RGB beads as one pixel, and the installation pitch is 25mm. The brightness is enough to be visible during the day, and it can work all day long, ensure the high transparency of the entire screen, and create a comfortable visual experience. The installation method is fixed with customized 8MM steel wire, which is very stable and perfectly integrated with the building, and it is also very convenient to maintain.

Project: Celcom Tower - Malaysia

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Model: Video Tube - D6

Installation: Steel wire installation

Completion: October 2019

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