Diorama Museum - Russia
The Diorama Museum, located in Belgorod Oblast, is one of the main military history museums established in Russia to commemorate the victory of World War II. It is also the main attraction of Belgorod, and is visited by about 160,000 people every year. The centerpiece and main exhibit of the museum is the Arch of Fire - a huge artistic canvas that vividly depicts the thrilling scenes of the Battle of Kursk. The curved building surface uses MF pixel mesh  screen, which is easy to install and has little impact on the building during the day. It matches the night lighting effect of the overall building and plays the promotional content of the museum, which is the decoration at night and landmark of the city.

Project: Diorama Museum - Russia

Location: Belgrod, Russia

Model: C36

Installation: Steel wire hanging installation

Completion: June 2020
Transparent Screen
Strip Curtain
Media Mesh
Pixel Light
Linear Light
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