Dubai Al Murooj Rotana - UAE
Al Murooj Rotana Hotel and Suites Dubai located in Dubai's central district, near the shopping center and the fountain. Arab architectural style is solemn but that’s changes. The hotel is the traditional Islamic architecture, the high column, the pier and the arches are signs. This magnificent building and lighting combine to show the beauty of the building at night. In the hotel lighting, the use of optical expression is one of the important ways to express architectural culture,it has a key role in reshaping buildings, depicting architectural contours, and enhancing hotel attraction. Combined with Muslim documents and Islamic architectural features, we use RGBW cast light and wash wall, through the natural light color dynamic lighting effects, so that the hotel shows the charm of the Arabian charm and mystery.

Project:  Dubai Al Murooj Rotana - UAE

Location:  Dubai

Model:  Wall Washer - MONA & Spot Light - Rubik

Installation: Fixing Clip

Completion:  October 2018


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