Jianyang City Ligh Show - China
The project is located on the main road of the city. MF is mainly responsible for the lighting of the three landmark buildings on the side of the road, and selects the pixel light S36 with high grayscale and uniform light effect to realize the dynamic pattern effect.
The pixel light are fixed on the building facade by profile installation, which does not affect the building structure and integrates with the building. When night falls, Xiongzhou Avenue is brightly lit, creating a landscape effect with rich layers and distinctive features, highlighting the prosperity of the city, and linking the surrounding landscapes to form a gorgeous night, leaving unforgettable memories for people passing by.

Project: Jianyang City Ligh Show - China

Location: Jian yang, China

Model: Pixel Light MF - S36

Installation: The Pixel Light fix on the aluminum profile with holes

Completion: February 2021

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