Kuwait Tower - Kuwait
"Futuristic minaret" is the symbol of Kuwait, like the Great Wall is the symbol of China and the pyramids are the symbol of Egypt. These three white, bright, tall, and handsome towers stand tall, that is the masterpiece of modern architectural history tower.
The three towers stand against the sky, the first tower is 140 meters high, 17 meters in diameter at the bottom, and 1.6 meters in diameter at the top. In the middle of the tower, 72 meters above the ground, there is a sphere with a diameter of 26 meters. The surface is inlaid with metal and can hold 4,500 cubic meters of water. All the facades are covered with MF's RDM pixel light S19 with a total of 300,000 pieces.

Project: Kuwait Tower - Kuwait

Location: Kuwait

Model: Pixel light MF-S19, P125mm

Installation: Steel wire installation

Completion: December 2014

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