Phnom Penh ACLEDA Bank - Cambodia
ACLEDA Bank of Cambodia is the largest commercial banking institution in Cambodia. The project location is ACLEDA's headquarters office building in Phno Penh. The area of the display screen covers almost 80% of the front area. The first consideration is how to achieve the highest permeability under the conditions of meeting the display requirements, and to ensure that the indoor light does not block the internal line of sight. After on-site testing and MF professional technical support, the final use of MF MERE-6 screen, P41.6 resolution to ensure sufficient clarity, but also to meet the internal vision of the open while reducing the cost. This is an integrated design, construction, commissioning and maintenance project by MF Lighting. The whole process was completed by the MF Lighting Engineering Team, which shows the construction technical support capability of MF Lighting.

Project:  Phnom Penh ACLEDA Bank - Cambodia

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Model: Strip Curtain Mera - P41.6mm

Installation: Grille bracket installation

Completion: October 2015

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