W Abu Dhabi - UAE
As a world-renowned project in the lighting industry, as early as 2010, W Hotel Lighting in Abu Dhabi was provided by COOPER LIGHTING, a world-renowned lighting company , and the complete set of control systems provided by the CUE in German. After 10 years of renovation and upgrading, it was the first time that the Chinese independent brand Media Facade provided a complete set of customized lamps and control systems, which has started a new 10-year warranty journey. Equipped with touch designer effect design software, it can display more complex lighting sequences and dynamic content than before. It successfully outlines the skyline of the building, increases its recognizability, and shows a colorful giant whale "swimming" at the waterfront pier of Yas Island.

Project: W Abu Dhabi - UAE

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Model: Customized Light MF - C131

Installation: With customized bracket 

Completion: September 2020

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